Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day 3 "Climb for Clean Water"

It was a tough 12km 6 hour trek leaving Shira Plateau at 12,598 feet, early today. The guides led us up the steep, sheer faced wall of Barracno ridge where the ascent was arduous climbing over boulders and rocky terrain.
At the lunch break as usual, good quality food was served and most of us chowed down like it was going to be our last meal...... and then "hit the wall." Already exhausted we climbed to 15,091 feet again to acclimate and then descend to Barranco Campsite 12,959 feet, for the night. An experienced climber who successfully ascended the summit of Kilimanjaro 2 years prior, started feeling the onset of a headache midday and began taking medication to alleviate it. Feeling no relief he soon became a burden so we threw him over the edge................Just Kidding !................He had 23 very concerned trek-mates who nursed him back to health and everyone settled in for a well deserved nights rest.
I might add the terrestrial glow is like no other and the galaxies twinkle you into a dreamland with anticipation and excitement for what tomorrow might bring.
Resting heart rate 100
Oxygen 83

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